Showcasing Oakland Raiders’ Biggest Strengths and Draft Needs

The Oakland Raiders opened the season with four losses in their first five games and, in a division that now features Peyton Manning, that's enough to sink a team. The Raiders ended up 4-12 with just one win over the final nine weeks.

It marks the 10th consecutive season in which the Raiders failed to qualify for the postseason. They are tied with the Cleveland Browns for the second-longest drought, behind only the Buffalo Bills. In eight of those seasons Oakland has won five or fewer games.

The terrific football fans in Oakland deserve credit for sticking with the team through some rough times, but they will need to exercise further patience. The roster still needs to be upgraded in several areas before the Raiders become playoff contenders.

Their poor record was enough to earn them the third overall pick in the draft, which should help the team fill at least one major void before next season. Let's take a look at where the Raiders stand in every area to determine what they should focus on this offseason.

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