Should the Oakland Raiders Trade Richard Seymour for Albert Haynesworth?

This is a thought that has persisted in my mind. 

Should the Oakland Raiders swap defensive lineman Richard Seymour for Washington defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth?

Sometimes ideas that make too much sense don't happen, but humor me here.

Seymour has played out of place in Oakland as a defensive end in the 4-3 base defense, and sometimes moves inside to play tackle. Seymour had spent much of his career as an end in the 3-4 defense with the New England Patriots.

Washington now wants to convert to the 3-4 under new coach Mike Shanahan, which has made defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth unhappy.

There have been no stories about discontent of Seymour.  It seems, however, that Haynesworth would be a better fit on a 4-3 defense, as Seymour would be on a 3-4.

Thus, it seems that the answer is merely to swap the two players.  The Raiders seem committed to the 4-3 defense, while Washington wants the 3-4.

Seymour could get paid in Washington, while Haynesworth would plug the middle of a defense on a team where "run defense" has been more of a turnstile.

What do you think?

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