Should the Oakland Raiders Grab Chad Ochocinco from Cincinnati?

Rumors are swirling that Chad Ochocinco will be in an Oakland Raider uniform in 2011.

Ochocinco, known to be a headache but also a great option for a No. 1 receiver, has outspokenly been against head coach Marvin Lewis, who just received an extension despite the Bengals finishing 4-12 this season.

The headliner is a heavy tweeter, and he's made some notable comments lately:

"Congratulations 2 Hue Jackson for becoming thee Oakland Raiders new head coach, best receiver coach I've ever had."

“I would not care where Hue Jackson got a job. I would go play for him, run through a wall, jump in front of a bus, etc. u get the point.”

“Man that was the greatest coach I ever had. Hue Jackson would choke me out, cuss me out, just to make sure I was precise on everything.

“It would be refreshing to be with Hue Jackson again. I know I wouldn’t have to worry about being thrown under a bus again.”

Chad's been known for hinting at what team he wants to be traded to, but man, this is just too obvious.

So, obviously, Ochocinco wants to be a Raider. Or, he wants to play for Hue Jackson. Either way, you see the point. Most (including me) think, if the Raiders had a more experienced receiver on the roster in 2010, they'd have made the playoffs.

However, many in Raider Nation are against bringing Chad Ochcocinco in.

So, should Hue Jackson and the Raiders make a move?

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