Should Raider Nation Be Excited Or Concerned About 2010?

With training camp signaling the start of the 2010 season, it is time to start making guesses and setting expectations for the upcoming campaign.

Many Oakland Raiders fans are stoked to start the season because they believe that this will be the year the Raiders finally turn the corner and end an era of seven straight losing seasons.

Some Raiders fans fear that this year will be like the last few years of extreme off-season excitement only to be followed by a season of 11 or more losses.

The Oakland fans that are optimistic believe that the Raiders have solved most of their problems by making the following moves: the Jason Campbell trade, releasing JaMarcus Russell, drafting Rolando McClain, and bringing in Hue Jackson to call plays on offense.

The reasons that fuel the feeling of concern are that the Raiders have not done much to improve the offensive line. Oakland still lacks a veteran receiver, and some fans don't like Tom Cable returning for another season.

Both sides have legitimate arguments.  It looks like the Raiders have taken care of some of their pressing issues while at the same time the offense still has the same players without Cornell Green and a receiver group without a proven veteran.

The optimism that has brewed this offseason seems to be stronger than the optimism from previous offseasons.  The excitement that McClain, Campbell, and Jackson have brought this year feels stronger than the excitement from Randy Moss, Lamont Jordan, and DeAngelo Hall.

But after the heartbreak year after year, it is hard to feel excited only to wonder if another let down is on the horizon. 

But it is even harder to feel concerned about the Raiders upcoming season because as a die-hard fan, I am ready to wake from the nightmare of the last seven years and start to do something different...

Just win baby!
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders