Should Oakland Raiders Look To Some Former Eagles To Fill Holes?

Coming into an uncapped year, most teams seem to be holding onto their free agents. At least for now.

One of the more active teams releasing players this year is the Philadelphia Eagles. They've released former starters like Will Witherspoon, Brian Westbrook, Shawn Andrews, Darren Howard, and Kevin Curtis. They are also reportedly trying to trade one of their three quarterbacks.

I'm not suggesting that the Raiders should make a move for Michael Vick (though that is an interesting thought). What I'm suggesting is that maybe they should sign some of the players they just released.

Will Witherspoon could have filled a hole at linebacker, but unfortunately he has already been signed by the Tennessee Titans. In losing Witherspoon, however, the Eagles have created a glaring hole in their defense at linebacker.

The Raiders are reportedly shopping Kirk Morrison for a third rounder. The Eagles could fill a hole at linebacker and send us a draft pick.

Next, Shawn Andrews. Should the Raiders take a chance on him? When healthy he was a dominant force and he has been to the Pro Bowl twice. At 27 many believe he still has time to resurrect his career.

But over the last two years he has only started two games, battling back injuries and depression. Additionally, people have questioned both his will for the game and his sanity. Though he battles depression, he is often seen singing and skipping through practice and the locker room.

If Andrews is healthy and motivated, he could become the dominant force he once was, and add the ability and tenacity the Raiders have been missing at right guard.

Next, Kevin Curtis. The Eagles released him because of the emergence of Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. He's 31 and saw limited action last year, with six receptions in three games. Plus, it's common knowledge that white receivers can only play in the slot. All that made Curtis very exp...

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