Should Oakland Raiders Bring Back Justin Fargas?

When the news about Justin Fargas being released broke out, I had mixed emotions. Fargas had been a Raider for a long time, and nobody can say he never gave it his all while wearing the Silver & Black.

On the other hand, the Raiders have two young running backs that need to be showcased and are ready to carry the load. The three-headed monster in Oakland wasn't working, and it seemed to prevent all three of the backs from getting into a rhythm.

Though the Raiders most likely made the move for financial reasons, they did report that Fargas had failed a physical.

The move made sense but then reports started coming out that Larry Johnson was scheduled to visit the Raiders. Then nothing really made sense.

Darren McFadden and Michael Bush need to carry the load for the Raiders' offense, but Oakland needs a veteran back in case one of the young guys gets injured.

The Raiders shouldn't be looking at veterans that have baggage. They should be looking at the veteran they let go of recently.

Fargas should be re-signed, and should be told of the intentions of the offense. His carries would drop this season, and so would his salary. The business side of football isn't pretty or fun, as Fargas quickly found out after making some visits.

Though he would be asked to contribute in a very marginal role, his presence in the locker room would still be great for the Raiders.

I can see the Raiders using Fargas like they used Zack Crockett earlier in the decade. McFadden would play a role similar to Charlie Garner, Bush would play a role similar to Tyrone Wheatley, and Fargas would come in sparingly on short-down conversions.

This would allow Fargas to extend his career with the Raiders. Injuries happen in the NFL, so his services may be needed especially in Oakland's backfield.

This move makes more sense than the Raiders trying to bring in ex-Chief Jo...

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