Should Oakland Raider Fans Be Silent, Curse, or Bless the Team?

Research reveals that the Oakland Raiders team page on the Bleacher Report is one of the most active pages. Articles about the Oakland Raiders are posted often and opinions are set forth in the atmosphere, giving an aroma of life, death, and indifference.

Which position do you take? Is it that your words speak life, death, or is there silence?

On this Sunday afternoon which is a special day for some people, I awakened with a thought in my mind. After reading so many blog entries and BR articles, I realize, too, that words have power.

What is a word? It is a sound or symbol on paper or computer screen that is loaded with meaning. It is even more, but this is sufficient for today's discussion.

Consider this idea. You know that there is an area called "talk therapy." In some cases it helps people. It triggers a thought process that helps them make new choices.

So, if we believe that a certain content, context and sequencing of "talk" can promote health and healing, then we ought to acknowledge that certain content, context and sequencing can promote failure.

Each of us have a choice. We can choose to promote healing which in the case of the Oakland Raiders would be to promote preparation and to encourage those behaviors and thoughts which move the team toward recovery, success and victories.

Which do you choose? Is it life or death? Is it a 'talk" that promotes the type of transformative behaviors to make the Raiders more cohesive and functional?

Now silence, in my opinion, can be a sign of wisdom, indifference or some other words that you may choose to use.

If there is too much silence on BR, this site would wither and disappear. So in order for this site to continue to flourish, we must talk, write, think, comment and debate in this open forum.

If some of you choose to speak "death" then ot...

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