Senior Writer Launches Historical Novel on Oakland Raiders

Some fans are so fascinated by the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the Oakland Raiders that they go farther than most. They pursue a goal of writing a historical novel about the team. A character built around the personality and fiery decisions of Al Davis and others will spice up the imagery in the novel.

One such writer is Damali Binta YAEL. On May 21, she met with a senior attorney and novelist with a Bleacher name, Novel Man, who encouraged Damali to start her novel.

Novel Man has already written his historical novel, whose title was inspired by a concept Damali taught in 2007. Novel Man remembers Damali's talks about the Oakland Raiders, and her first sports and math article titled, "Take a Good Look, Using Mathematics," which was published by a USMA (West Point) newsletter.

Her second article on sports was published by the Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA). As a member of the research group, she contributed an article titled, "A Gleam of Dawn."

Bob Carroll, now deceased, was the editor for her second article. She went through about five rounds of editing before her article met Carroll's approval. She says, "It was worth the effort to work with such a fine artist and editor as Bob."

Her first sports article was edited by Don Small of West Point. In Damali's article she compares players from two different eras using rankings and integral calculus.

In 2007, Novel Man was so fascinated by the creative piece and lessons given by Damali that he completed his historical novel about Vietnam and Korea, while also expressing interest in the progress of Damali's research on the Oakland Raiders.

Since 2007, and after a little over one year of submitting and publishing articles on the Bleacher Report Oakland Raiders page, there are 352 articles written by the senior writer Damali. Her articles rank in the top five of "article likes." S...

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