Sebastian Janikowski’s Missed Field Goal Not the Only Reason Raiders Lost Sunday

Like many Raiders fans, I took Sunday’s loss hard. Not that they played that well, and Arizona did try to hand it to us, but it was a hard loss.

I can see missing a 32-yard field goal on a windy, snowy day in Chicago or Green Bay, but inside in Arizona? No excuse. None.

Even before he missed that try, I had been saying that Sebastian Janikowski just hasn’t looked good all season. I don’t know what the problem is, but he needs to get it together, now.

Perhaps the lack of competition for the kicking spot in Oakland is part of the problem. Janikowski knows he doesn’t have to worry about being replaced. The Raiders have no one else.

But you can’t pin the loss just on Janikowski. The Raiders were unable to score from the red zone several times during the second half. If you expect to win football games, you just can’t do that.

Bruce Gradkowski was 17-of-34 for 255 yards and a touchdown with one interception on Sunday, but he also was the main culprit in a delay-of-game penalty that cost the Raiders dearly.

I like Gradkowski, but I don’t think he is the long-term answer in Oakland. But then I’m not sure of Jason Campbell either. He didn’t show much in the six quarters he was the starter.  

In reality the Raiders are right where they were before they drafted JaMarcus Russell. They are in need of a quality quarterback that can lead them for several years.

And then there were the penalties.

The Raiders committed 11 penalties for 123 yards. Penalties have been a thorn in the Raiders’ side for several years, and the lack of discipline cost them this game as much as anything else. Yes, Arizona had seven penalties for 104 yards, which is almost as bad, but the Raiders have to stop committing penalties if they expect to win football games

After watching the Raiders the first three week...

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