Sebastian Janikowski: When in Doubt, “Kick” Oakland Raiders to Success!

Let the record reflect that if the Oakland Raiders are having trouble getting touchdowns, they certainly have a heavy-duty kicker on the team. His name is Sebastian Janikowski, and he is 32 years old.

Is that getting too old for the NFL?

Be careful and don't forget about George Blanda and how he kicked the Oakland Raiders to victory so many times in the past.

It makes sense to compare what we already have with what we may select during the 75th NFL Draft.

On the roster at present, we have Sebastian Janikowski and S. Waters.

Janikowski is a bit heavy, and Waters is rather light, weighing 180 lbs. At 22-years-old, he would back up Janikowski in case of injuries, I assume.

Now this year the new talent is listed in the category "kicker."

A. Pettrey and L. Tiffin are both 6'0'' tall. Although they may not be as heavy as Janikowski, they both had outstanding averages for successful field goals in 2009.

Pettrey had an average of 70 percent while Tiffin's average was 85.77 percent. Now, the third new guy on the block is much shorter at 5'8'', with an average of 86.37 in 2009.

Now if you ask me which kicker I would pick, I would probably lean toward B. Swenson, who is 5'8'', but his efficiency in doing his job is 86.37 percent. 

Who would you select out of the three featured in this article?

Now when you look at the total points these guys accumulated during each of their careers, we have:

Player                  No. Career Games          Points     % Career Field Goals  % 2009

Pettrey                40    &...

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