Sebastian Janikowski: The Kicker Who Has the Golden Foot

A lot of people give a lot of praise to Darren McFadden. That's good.

There is another player who happens to be a kicker, and he has put more points on the board than others who have scored in the first six weeks of the 2011 regular season.

Sebastian Janikowski has scored 32.5 percent of the 160 points that the Oakland Raiders have made.

At this point, Darren McFadden has scored 30 percent of the 160 points.

Fans love to see touchdowns, but the data shows that the kicker is very important in the game.

On several occasion during recent years when the scoring looked dismal, Janikowski made us cheer with those field goals flying through the air like cannons during the Civil War.

Michael Bush and Denarius Moore have scored 18 points each.

The major portion of the points scored in 2011 so far have been scored by Janikowski, McFadden, Michael Bush and Denarius Moore.

The Raider Nation needs to be pulling for the speedy healing of Janikowski. He has been able to boost the morale of the fans on several occasions. Why? Often he has been the first to put a score on the board. He also has helped to break ties on several occasions in the past.

We need to show a lot of love to the kicker just as we show love to those guys who make touchdowns, and jump up in the stands to have fans pat their heads, rub their backs and hug them.

The kicker does not have access to the fans like the guys who get touchdowns. So, let's show a little love to the kicker, Sebastian Janikowski.

Is Janikowski the kicker with the golden foot who brings joy to the Raider Nation with those field goals and extra points? It seems so.

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