Sebastian Janikowski Signing: Al Davis Finally Gets a Football Decision Right

I will start this article by saying I am not a Raiders for now, and I will never be a Raiders fan. In reality, I hate the Raiders more than any team. My favorite college players get drafted by the Raiders, and I now hate them and root against them.

With that being said, giving the richest contract to a kicker was the right move by Al Davis. He makes some of the worst football decisions I have ever seen, but this is not one of them. You do what you need to so you can keep your best offensive player.

If your kicker is your best player, then you give him the richest contract in kicker history.

Some people question giving a kicker $16 million, with $9 million guaranteed. If you look at this contract it is not really that much money. For a kicker, yes it is a big number; but for an average player, this deal is great.

The Raiders aren’t very good and he will win more games for the Raiders next year than any other player. Sebastian Janikowski is one of the best kickers in the league and by far and away has the biggest leg in the game. His career average is 70 percent and it would be even higher if he wasn’t always bombing 50 or 60 yard kicks.

Al Davis, for once, has made the right decision regarding football. He locked up his best offensive player for the next four years and did it for next to nothing.

As you watch Janikowski kick the Raiders to some wins next year, ask yourself if the $16 million was worth it.

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