Sebastian Janikowski of Oakland Raiders Has Had Good Days, So Don’t Complain

Now that the dust has settled, let's look toward the future. It is not as bad as some of us thought. Everybody and every team has its good days and its bad days.

Too many bad days back-to-back are disheartening. It's sort of like watching a boxing match and seeing a guy get hit over and over again until he is knocked out and cannot get up.

Each loss is like a blow to most egos in the Raider Nation. It is a long struggle, and many want the blows to the head, the losses, to stop.

We want the Oakland Raiders to rise up, punch back, and knock the opponent out by winning more games.

As we approach Week 5, many of us keep thinking, this is it. This is the week the Oakland Raiders are going to win.

The good thing to remember is that Sebastian Janikowski is not the only reason the Oakland Raiders lost the game two weeks ago.

Another good thing to remember is that Janikowski does not usually miss field goals at 32 yards. His record shows that he had not missed a field goal in the range of 30 to 39 yards since about 2007. He actually hit 19 field goals between 30 to 39 yards since 2007.

In fact, the 32-yarder he missed recently was the shortest since Dec. 3, 2006. Actually, that's not bad at all.

So, we will continue to look at the good days and remember that even the best guys can have a bad day every now and then.

As we remember the good days and the many times Janikowski got the Oakland Raiders out of tough situations, we won't complain.

Go Raiders! Remember the words to a song: "All of my good days outweigh my bad days...I won't complain."

Thanks Sebastian Janikowski!

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