Say What? Oakland Raiders Lose Two Days of OTA’S

First I wanted to say I found this article by Gregg Rosenthal (I'm not trying to take credit for his material) posted on PFT today and wanted to share it with the Raider community in hopes maybe some of you living on the West Coast could shed some light on the subject.

"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken about reducing offseason practices for players, but this probably isn't what he had in mind.

For the second time in a week, an NFL team was stripped of OTA practices for an unspecified dispute.  The NFL and the NFLPA released a joint statement that the Raiders lost two OTA's. 

Oakland also lost practices in 2007 for having too much contact in the offseason.

While surely frustrating, it's not such a huge loss.  Many teams don't even use the maximum allotment of 14 OTAs."

Now, does anyone know why this happened?

Again, the reason for posting this was in hopes that maybe some of you closer to Oakland might know the reason for this.

I like the way they kind of brush it off as no big deal. I wonder if Coach Cable feels the same way?

Let's hear it Raider Nation, who knows something?

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