Salute to The Oakland Raiders and The Raider Nation: Do The Right Thing!

Anxiety is what some may feel. Nervous and uneasy may be the way others feel. Will the draft and trades bring us to the point where we want to be in 2010?

Well, just in case we come away from the 75th NFL Draft a little disappointed that Al Davis did not listen to the fine advisement in those mock drafts, I thought I would salute each and everyone of you with this beautiful rose.

The rose has drops of water on the petals. Those drops of water can represent our tears of disappointment and dismay regarding the last seven years.

Will next year be better? I believe so. I certainly hope so. Do you join me in this positive feeling?

Let's hope that Al Davis does the right thing. He should collaborate with others. He needs to give us a pleasant surprise and change, just a little.

Now, if he is fixed and unbendable about conferring with the people around him, or too stubborn to read those mock drafts that are being posted, then those drops of water on that beautiful rose represent the tears the Radar Nation may have to shed in 2010.

What do you say? Will we have tears of joy or will be have tears of sorrow?

What do you think?


Note: Photo by Damali Apr. 19, 2010

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