Ronald Curry’s Career a Greek Tragedy?

Timing is important.  Some men don't get the recognition they deserve because they are overshadowed by others.

The records show that Michael Vick may have overshadowed Ronald Curry, since Virginia is the home state of both pro football players.  Curry grew up nearby Hampton, Va.  These men arrived on the NFL scene during the same era.

Another famous athlete, NBA super-star Allen Iverson, may have also cast a shadow on the awareness of Curry.  Iverson is also from around Hampton, Va.

The says:

"The Oakland Raiders drafted Curry in the seventh round as a developmental QB and “Slash” type player  He made the Raiders' roster after training camp in 2002 by returning kicks as well as learning the quarterback position.

"He is currently (2002) on the practice squad after being on the active roster earlier in the '02 season.  Curry was activated by the Raiders for Super Bowl XXXVIII.  I believe that Curry will need to have at least two years of learning the QB position and learning to read defenses."

The author continues, "I am worried that he will be viewed only as a utility player (QB\KR\DB\WR\RB) and not as a starting QB in the NFL. He will have to navigate the same territory as Kordell Stewart, another great athlete, who had to prove that he was starting QB material. He may need to spend time in NFL Europe learning more about the game and position."

An interesting point is that Curry was supposed to be a quarterback.  Do some African American quarterbacks have a difficult time demonstrating their ability to play the position at the NFL level?

Ronald Curry has been described as an intriguing quarterback.  What happened to him? Are we getting all of the facts in the stories about those who aspired to be quarterbacks but somehow have been moved to other positions?

Are there some untold stories that need to be announced on a megaphone for the...

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