Rolando McClain: Up, Up, and Away with the Oakland Raiders

It sounds like another movie in the making. The Oakland Raiders' Rolando McClain saw it only one way.

To move above his trials and tribulations of growing up in a complex situation, he moved out by moving up in football.

Thousands of young people have challenges similar to McClain. They were born into certain situations. They are gifted with an innate intelligence to rise above their challenging circumstances. They fight to win. They rise above adversity.

As young people like McClain rise above confusion and poverty, you can be sure that the "bats" of the situation will try to attach themselves to the rising star.

The story seems to take the following stream of thought.

There are those who have the character, intelligence, and energy to work hard and rise above adversity. There are others who attach themselves to a moving star, and they move up because the star is moving up.

It is natural for a young successful NFL player to desire to help his family. It is also a reasonable expectation that if there were problems in the past, either psychological, medical, morally, or otherwise, that this is a good time to seek some help to improve.

Some problems do not disappear just because an NFL player gets money and a good job.

Logically, it makes sense to make arrangements for help for those in Rolando McClain's social circle so that he will not be distracted by the problems of those he loves.

Why is this being discussed? Here is a glimpse of the reason.

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