Rolando McClain the Defense Rookie Ahead Of All Others

Rolando McClain of the Oakland Raiders is no ordinary rookie. McClain looks more like an experienced veteran based on his play at training camp. He is ready for action and has shown it in the first two preseason games at Dallas last week and in Chicago this past Saturday.

According to Coach Tom Cable, McClain is mature beyond his years in terms of being a great football player. McClain is comfortable at a level that would usually confuse rookies.

McClain is very good at analyzing whether the play coming from the offense is a run or a pass. He recognizes his responsibility on every play. McClain has such great confidence in himself he often tells more experienced players where to line up on the field.

“He’s very well-schooled,” Cable said. Cable quickly realized McClain has an advanced understanding of the game in mini-camp and OTAs. However, he has a spectacular natural ability to command the defense, lining it up and adjusting the play call.

Veteran linebacker Trevor Scott, McClain's teammate, was quite impressed with McClain's skills right from start.  McClain is already making the necessary strides to become the leader of the Raiders defense.

McClain was able to run the defense planned by the Raiders staff. In essence, he is ready for the great career in front of him.

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