Rolando McClain Signs: Does It Matter For How Much?

Rolando McClain signed his rookie contract in time for the start of Raiders 2010 training camp in Napa, CA. My question is; for how much? And does it really matter?

Athletes are often demonized for being greedy, selfish prima-donnas (despite the NFL being a $10 Billion business in which the players salary barely constitutes a third of that revenue). This is the primary reason why players intend on striking in 2011.

Unlike the Oakland Raiders previous highly heralded first round draft choice, Rolando McClain and his agent wisely avoided fan(fanatic) speculation about a player's character based on his salary by having him sign on time, regardless of the amount.

So what is too much money? Are the players being paid for their performance, or how much attention they can bring to the organization? If it is the latter, then let me be the first to go on record to say that JaMarcus Russell was grossly underpaid.

Despite your opinion of Russell and the Raiders, one thing Russell did not fail to do is entertain. The Raiders were able to alleviate seven years of futility through two years of mediocrity from the "Greatest draft bust of all time." Now all eyes are on Jason Campbell and the Rayyyyduhs like never before. And while the media continues to take shots at the former Raider, Raider Nation is squarely focused on training camp and their new players.

So back to the original question how much is this man getting paid? Should this be a personal/private matter between McClain and the Raiders? Or does BSPN have the right to blow it up and sensationalize the salaries to evoke emotion from the mindless fanatics? How many of you are willing to give up your McDonalds salary numbers to the public for discussion? Put your paychecks up!

Good luck McClain, hopefully you can live up to your salary. For me I don't give a damn how much you are getting paid as long as you can help stop the run.

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