Rolando McClain: NFL Embarrasses Itself Allowing Raiders LB To Play in Week 13

The Oakland Raiders are starting to look like a playoff team, so the last thing they need are off-field distractions to take away from what they are doing on the field. Unfortunately, Rolando McClain did not comply because he was arrested earlier this week. But, apparently, it's okay because he is expected to be on the field today against Miami. 

McClain's arrest stemmed from an altercation in which he stuck a gun in a person's face, pulled it away and fired it close to the person's ear. 

Now, according to Mike Florio of, McClain will be in the lineup and, at least for now, face no punishment. 

Fueling that belief is the reality that the Raiders’ preliminary investigation has uncovered information that contradicts the allegations against McClain. Although Jackson has expressed frustration with McClain and indicated that McClain was “remorseful” when the player and the coach met on Saturday, those feelings relate to the fact that McClain allowed himself to be in a situation that gave rise to the allegations. With the team determining that, for now, the allegations are not substantiated, the team may not be inclined to take action against McClain.

Where is the NFL in all of this? Commissioner Roger Goodell has made his name by being the strict disciplinarian that the league needed. He is so quick to suspend players for the smallest infraction that it is not even funny. 

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh just got suspended two games for stomping on a Green Bay Packers offensive lineman last week. 

But McClain still gets to play even though he was arrested for carrying around a firearm and allegedly firing it. Where is the justice in this whole system?

The Raiders could have done themselves a favor by holding McClain out of this game as punishment for his actions, but because he is one of their best defensive players ...

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