Rolando McClain is the Newest Oakland Raider

Keeping with his habit of continually confusing everyone who watches his draft process, Al Davis and the Raiders selected Rolando McClain with the eighth overall pick.  

Now McClain is a true Top 10 talent, so that aspect of picking him here is not confusing (as opposed to Heyward-Bey last year), however, it is confusing that with so many pressing needs, the team decides to place another great linebacker next to Morrison on their defense.  

I guess a newfound commitment to defense is what's going on in Oakland as they use this year's first round pick on McClain after using next year's first round pick on Richard Seymour prior to the start of last season.  

McClain and Morrison may team to make a very effective linebacker duo in the league, but one has to wonder if selecting McClain is a precursor to trading Morrison, who the Raiders placed a low tender on this offseason, which confused many and made some speculate he'd fallen out of favor with the coaching staff (which after watching Jamarcus Russell play I didn't think it was possible to do).

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