Richard Seymour Needs To Be No. 1 on Oakland Raiders’ Re-Signing List

This past season was a terrific one for the silver and black.  

This upcoming offseason, however, is looking to be a dreadful one. Quite a few of our best players could be wearing a jersey that doesn't compare to the silver and black next season.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Kamerion Wimbley and Zach Miller are just a few names that will be hitting the free agency market this offseason; other notable free agents include Michael Huff, Stanford Routt and Michael Bush.

Nnamdi Asomugha has been the best cornerback in all of football in past couple seasons. No one can really compare. "He's being played to get interceptions, blah blah blah."

Tell that to the quarterbacks that are too scared to throw the ball to his side of the field. I believe Nnamdi only let up 10 catches all season for around 200 yards.  

Kamerion Wimbley was a stud coming out of college, only to be mediocre the rest of his career while in Cleveland. After coming to Oakland, Wimbley's career looked to be resurrected as he tallied up 58 tackles and nine sacks, playing as a linebacker/defensive end hybrid. 

Zack Miller has been one of the best draft picks the past few seasons. He's been the most consistent receiver on the team, catching almost every pass that comes his way. Each game, opposing teams have to game plan against him, constantly scaring teams and forcing them to pay extra attention to him.

Most the time, their game plan doesn't work and Miller will expose their weaknesses anyway.

Routt, Huff and Bush have all played well as well. Bush is the perfect complement to McFadden's speedy style.  Huff has really come on the past few seasons. He's been more of a ball hawk, and defensive coaches have finally learned to play him more physical, sending him in the box more and on more blitzes. They've also played him at corner as well, something I hope that they do more often.  

Routt showed ...

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