Richard Seymour Ejection: Why Senseless Decision Won’t Cost Raiders AFC West

The Oakland Raiders may choke away their AFC West lead, but it won't be because of Richard Seymour's ejection on Sunday.

Seymour made a stupid decision in the third quarter by "punching" Dolphins guard Richie Incognito.

Seymour and Incognito were trash talking throughout the game and eventually Seymour snapped. It wasn't a particularly vicious move, but a dumb one nonetheless.

The referees called it a punch, but it was more of a weak slap/shove type of thing. Still, it was a stupid move that was made out of frustration, as the Raiders were getting spanked at the time.

Seymour's reputation likely played a role in his quick ejection. Last year, he was tossed for a similar move he pulled on Ben Roethlisberger.

After this incident, Seymour may become a scapegoat if Denver catches Oakland in the AFC West standings.

However, the blame would be unfair.

The Raiders were already down 20-0 at the time of the ejection. With the way they were playing, they weren't going to mount a comeback even with Seymour in action.

Seymour will likely be fined for the hit, but I will be shocked if he gets suspended.

And even if he does miss the next game, it's against the undefeated Green Bay Packers. They aren't winning that one regardless of who's playing.

The Raiders may very well blow their AFC West lead.Go

But if they do, it will because of their quarterback troubles and brutal schedule. Not Richard Seymour.

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