Richard Seymour Ejection Video: Watch Raiders’ Star Get His Ndumakong Suh On

Richard Seymour showed he has the attitude to be a madman on the field, but Sunday he got out of hand.

While everyone has handed the title of dirtiest player to Ndamukong Suh, we are forgetting the man who has been doing it for way longer than Suh.

The leader of one of the most aggressive defenses in the NFL, Richard Seymour leads the Oakland Raiders with an animalistic style that doesn’t get the talk it deserves.

Seymour was one of the biggest reasons the New England Patriots defenses that won Super Bowls were as good as they were. While he has always been successful, Seymour has also always been one of the most aggressive defensive linemen in the NFL.

He showed why again today.

After a play in which Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito was getting too physical with him, Seymour decided to drive the Miami lineman into the backfield.

With both men getting into each other’s faces, Seymour throws a left-handed punch and then acts like he didn’t do it.

Total Suh moment.

Seymour was instantly ejected from the game and his team was penalized. The Raiders have become the team most penalized for personal fouls this season. Looks like aggression runs in the Raiders’ family.

This is an obvious ejection because of the punch, so there isn’t much left to argue. I think the fact that Seymour wouldn’t leave the sidelines made this pretty funny, though.


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