Report: Steelers Have Contacted Raiders About Roethlisberger Trade

Part two of the Ben Roethlisberger saga has officially begun, but can it end with a trade to the Raiders?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Raiders are among the list teams that have the Steelers have contacted about a trade for Ben.

The other teams include Buffalo, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Seattle, and others.

Yes, I know, it is Adam Schefter. The Raiders have a pure hatred for Mr. Schefter.

Yet, his sources are top notch, and it shouldn't seem surprising that the Steelers are considering the opportunity to trade him if it means a top ten pick in return.

The Raiders were interested in McNabb, and have been rumored to be interested in Jimmy Clausen at the No. 8 pick.

I can't see the contract of Ben stopping them from making a deal.

It's whether or not the Raiders want to trade a top selection in what is a deep class for a quarterback who can damage what is already a thin perspective around the league.


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