Report: Raiders Near Completion of Releasing JaMarcus Russell

On Saturday, the Oakland Raiders finally made a move for a quarterback, by trading a 2012 draft pick for former Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell.

This move likely signaled the end of former number one pick, JaMarcus Russell.

Questions began to rise as to not if, but when the release will happen. Apparently, it's sooner rather than later.

According to's Nancy Gay, the Oakland Raiders could release Russell as early as Tuesday, sources close to the situation say.

Russell would be due 9.5 million dollars this season, and it seems clear that there has been a shift of power occurring, helping Al Davis improve this franchise.

If released, the Raiders can save nearly 7 million dollars.

So Raider fans, whether you rejoice or feel disappointed, it is bound to happen.

Life without JaMarcus Russell is ready to begin.. within the next couple of days.


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