Report: Matt Flynn Trade Being Finalized, How the Oakland Raiders Will Benefit

After sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear whether or not it would happen, it happened.  The trade between the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks is being finalized, according to ESPN's Bill Williamson. 

The trade will send quarterback Matt Flynn to the Raiders in exchange for a 2014 draft pick plus a conditional 2015 draft pick, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.  The Raiders also are expected to ship their current quarterback Carson Palmer to the Arizona Cardinals for a mid-to-late round pick in a separate transaction.

I was once opposed to the idea of acquiring Flynn, but the Raiders made the deal much better than it initially sounded like it would be.

For starters, the Raiders won't lose any picks in this year's draft, so the rebuilding process won't be slowed by having fewer picks to work with.

As for the selections the Raiders did give up, none of them are premium picks.  When the Raiders acquired Palmer, they gave up a first- and second-round pick.  Flynn did not cost the Raiders anything nearly that valuable.  

Speaking of Palmer, the Raiders shipping him to Arizona will get Oakland another pick in the 2013 NFL draft.  That will actually accelerate the rebuilding process.  The Raiders gain a pick right now and shed a veteran who was not a part of the long-term future.

Another reason the Raiders made the trade better is that Flynn has reworked his deal.  It is not yet known how much restructuring Flynn did with Oakland's GM Reggie McKenzie, but Flynn should cost the Raiders no more than $5 million in 2013.  Palmer would have cost the Raiders three times that amount had he been on the team.

With Flynn restructuring his contract, he will not be handed the starting quarterback job.  That is great news for the pack of fans that want Terrelle Pryor to start in 2013.  With Palmer being s...

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