Remembering Charlie Smith: Two TDs in Nine Seconds Lead Oakland Raiders To Win

I will be writing about Oakland Raider players that seem to have been lost in time. I hear so many claiming to be die hard Oakland Raider fans but yet when I name players such as Hewritt Dixon, Clem Daniels, Dave Grayson or even Billy Cannon I always get the same reaction...who?

So Raidernation, here is a look at a player who is only remembered by the game. The "Heidi Bowl."

This game was played back at the Oakland Raider Coliseum on Nov. 17, 1968. This game was against the NY Jets. In fact, Charlie Smith comes into play because the Jets had been leading the Raiders with a score of 32-29 and 65 secs left on the game clock! Charlie Smith was the Oakland Raider player that helped defeated the Jets 43-32 in nine seconds!

How did Charlie do this? Well let's start with the name "Heidi." Heidi was a kids show that was to begin after the Oakland Raiders three hour play. But since this was a fight 'em out game it went a bit longer. With a 32-29 lead, the Jets kicked to the Raiders and they ran it back to the 23-yard line. It was then that the network decided to play Heidi.

The following event changed NFL football. This isn't unfamiliar to the Oakland Raiders since the league always changes rules when the Raiders are involved (Tuck Rule).

With the game on the line the Raiders had Daryl "The Mad Bomber" LaMonica throw a 20-yard pass to Charlie Smith. Charlie's face mask was grabbed and the Raiders were given the 15-yard penalty. The penalty put the Silver and Black on the 43 yard line.

Charlie Smith then caught the next pass and ran past his former coverman (thanks for the penalty) for a TD! This put the Raiders ahead of the Jets 36-32. However, only the fans at the Coliseum were able to enjoy this comeback while America watched Heidi.

On the very next play the Oakland Raiders kick the ball to the Jets. The returner then fumbles the ball on the 10 and the Oakland Raiders recover it on the two-...

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