Rebuilding the Oakland Raiders, Brick By Brick

Don't lose hope. Don't get impatient. Why? Some things are rebuilt, line upon line, precept upon precept, a little here, a little there. The NFL draft is an opportunity to rebuild the Oakland Raiders. In just a few more days, some choices will be made.

Each choice is like a brick added to build a strong wall.

Where did I get this idea? Isaiah 28:9-10 contains this idea. It talks about the process and power of preparation. The process applies to anything we do, including our team preparing to play football in 2010.

If the team is going to be rebuilt, the coaches are going to have to have a precise idea of what bricks are missing in the defense, which is the "wall of protection." Then, if the brick is out of place, or not a part of the team, then the draft gives the Oakland Raiders a chance to obtain a brick, or several bricks, to rebuild the team, and to rebuild that wall of defense.

The same applies to the offense.

Also, if the coaches are rebuilding one aspect of the team on one side of the "wall" and then something hits and knocks down another side, then there will be stagnation in the process to rebuild.

So, some things need to be stable, while other parts of the "wall" are repaired, brick by brick.

Each brick has a function: structural or decorative.

Applying this to our team, each player has a function. At this time, it seems we need players who can strengthen the structure of the team. A big time NFL player who draws attention in the media but who can not add to the functionality of the team is not what we need.

We don't need players who decorate the image of the Oakland Raiders.

We need some "clinker bricks." Players who are tough, hard, and durable.

Among other types, we need some "fire bricks." These types of players can withstand the "heat" or pressure of a tight game, especially during the last few moments in the fourth ...

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