Reasons To Not Believe Kansas City Will Outperform The Oakland Raiders

One writer said something about the luck of the Oakland Raiders, and now he needs to re-think his position. He stated, "Unless you have JaMarcus Russell, in which case no amount of good luck can help because, well, you have JaMarcus Russell."

The negation of the foul assertion is, "The Oakland Raiders do not have JaMarcus Russell, in which case all amounts of good luck can help, because, well, Oakland does not have JaMarcus Russell."

The writer, who has inspired a rebuttal to his comments, has reasons to change his belief if he has been enjoying the good news about the draft choices and other decisions to strengthen and buttress this team of young players.


year Kansas C. Oakland R. Compare/Oakland 2009   4,12 5,11 > 2008   2,14 5,11 > 2007   4,12 4,12 tie 2006   9,7 2,14 < 2005   10,6 4,12 < 2004   7,9 5,11 < 2003   13,3 4,12 <   If the truth is told, we see that from 2003 to 2006, Kansas City's performance exceeded that of the Oakland Raiders, in a global comparison. But, if you start with 2007, you see that Oakland has out-performed the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2007 there was a tie and in 2008 and 2009 Oakland's win-loss record was better than that of Kansas City.

And since the writer thought that the luck with the Oakland Raiders was bad with Russell at quarterback, certainly he has reasons to believe that the luck of the Oakland Raiders is glittering like a pot of gold with new talent such as Jason Campbell, and a stronger O-L.

Again, if you study the data since 2007, you see that the Oakland Raiders scored better than the Kansas City Chiefs, when you focus on the six games from 2007 to 2009.


year Kansas  Oakland finall score difference 2009 10 13 3 16 10 -6 2008 8 23 15 20 13 -7 2007 12 10 -2 17 20 3 ...

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