Realistic Draft Trade Possibilities for the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has made it clear his lines are open for business when it comes to trading the fourth overall pick.

According to reporter Scott Bair, McKenzie didn’t confirm the Raiders were actively looking for a trade, but they consider offers: 

Reporter: Have you gotten phone calls from other teams inquiring about the No. 4 overall pick?

McKenzie: (pause) Yes.

It’s not shocking news that teams would gauge McKenzie’s interest in trading out of the No. 4 overall pick. It’s rational for McKenzie to know what he might get for the selection.

"My phone line is always open,” McKenzie said. “You hear everybody out. If it makes sense and it’s going to help the Raiders, we’ll do a deal."

This wouldn’t be the first time Oakland traded a top-five overall pick. In 2013, McKenzie traded out of the No. 3 spot back to No. 12 and selected D.J. Hayden. That hasn’t panned out so well thus far.

Who are Oakland's most likely trade partners for the 2015 draft? We’ll examine who might be on the other line when McKenzie picks up the phone on draft day and delve into how it affects drafting strategies for Rounds 1 and 2.

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