Raiders vs. Packers: If Green Bay Is “Goliath” Then Oakland Can Be “David”

What seems impossible to some, is possible to others. Sometimes the outcome of a matter depends more on the spirit of a team than on the physical capabilities.

In history there are accounts of battles in which one opponent seems ill-equipped and not strong enough to defeat an obviously strong, tall and bold opponent.

If the battle is fought in the name of something greater than the team, then it is possible for the team to muster up the strength to overcome the opponent. David was small and he only had a simple weapon, but because of the spirit behind him and with him, he was victorious over Goliath.

The Oakland Raiders should be encouraged that the spirit is with them. Why? Look at what happened in the Texans game. The Raiders won.

Sometimes the pain of a loss or the disappointment can fuel a more deliberate and powerful encounter in the next battle or game.

It is possible for the Oakland Raiders to defeat the Packers. They must believe that they can do it, and they must prepare to do it.

We, the Raider Nation, must believe that the Oakland Raiders can do it. It's been a painful year with too many injuries and transitions. We need the victory over the Packers to help us carry on, to heal and to reclaim a dignified place in NFL history.

Go Raiders! You can do it!

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