Raiders vs. Packers: 3 Ways Oakland Can Get Away from Green Bay with a Win

A few years ago, when I was a lowly college sportswriter, I wrote about the NFL when the Patriots went undefeated in the regular season and blew almost everyone away by about 30 points. I used to refer to beating New England as “the impossible dream.” Well, that’s exactly what beating the Packers has become this year: an impossible dream.

Shall we go over the numbers? Twelve wins. Zero losses. A quarterback who is putting up numbers that I can’t duplicate in Madden 12: Quarterback rating of 125.3, 37 touchdowns, five interceptions, 320 yards passing per game. If Rodgers were a baseball player, he’d be intentionally walked every single at-bat. If he were a basketball player, he’d get fouled more often than Shaquille O’Neal in his prime. His numbers are just stupid.

And then there are the receivers. Three of them have at least 600 receiving yards and six touchdowns. By comparison, not a single Raiders receiver has 600 receiving yards or even five touchdowns.

Didn’t I tell you it was an impossible dream?

There is a silver lining to this matchup, and it’s the Packers defense. It’s awful. The only team that gives up more yards per game is the New England Patriots, and they’re just barely worse. Sure, the Packers lead the league in interceptions, but you tend to get a lot of those when teams light you up for almost 300 passing yards a game.

The Packers are an 11.5-point favorite, which seems a bit low, to be honest. There are only two ways this game is going to go: a blowout win for the Packers (extremely likely), or a close victory for the Raiders.

But in the immortal words of Herm Edwards, we play to win the game. So let’s break down how the Raiders might live the impossible dream, and end the Packers’ undefeated season.


Don’t try to keep up with the (James) Joneses Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders