Raiders vs. Dolphins: Sketching out a Game Plan for Oakland

The Oakland Raiders will fly approximately 3000 miles to Miami to take on the Dolphins on Sunday, less than six days after they played in the final game of Week 1. The two teams are 0-1 and both teams are desperate for their first win.

It was in Miami last year where the wheels fell off the Raiders’ season. Rolando McClain was arrested just days before the game and the Raiders came out flat and were dominated by the Dolphins.

Oakland is looking for a win and revenge from last year, and the plan of attack might look a little something like the Houston Texans’ attack from last week.


When the Raiders Are on Offense

Play No. 1

The Raiders struggled running the ball on Monday night, and Darren McFadden had just 32 yards on 15 attempts. Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp brings with him a similar offense to the one Houston used against the Dolphins last Sunday.

Miami did a good job of limiting Arian Foster, who had two touchdowns and 79 yards rushing on 26 carries. Part of the reason the Dolphins were able to limit Foster was because they were playing from behind for much of the game. The Phins stacked the box knowing that the Texans were just going to grind down the clock.

Before that happened, the Texans hit on a few nice runs, including Foster’s first touchdown.

It’s 1st-and-10 from the 19-yard line, and the Texans are going to run a stretch play to the right.

The left tackle will let the defensive end get a free release and will go block a linebacker. The left guard is trying to hold position while the rest of the line is blocking to the right.

Notice the defensive end crashes hard on the run. This opens up the roll-out pass play to the left, which can be run from the same formation.

Notice the center, he’s helping the right guard and Foster is already reading the play. ...

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