Raiders vs. Broncos: Tim Tebow and Live Reactions To Game’s Biggest Stories

Tim Tebow is a big deal, even if his team is not. Tebow was the most talked-about rookie quarterback in the league before the season started. Now, as the season enters the final three weeks, he could be the seventh rookie to start at quarterback this season.

Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are the only two rookies who have showed they can change their team and lead them to victories. Can Tebow do the same against a fierce Oakland Raiders defense?

The Raiders' defensive line leads the rest of the league in sacks. Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, Matt Shaughnessy and Lamarr Houston are one of the most physical and punishing defensive lines in the league.

While they may struggle against the run, they have no problem getting to the quarterback and delivering some punishment.

Kyle Orton did not throw all week and that means Tebow has been getting most of the first team reps, but is starting him in Oakland the best idea?

The Raiders went to Denver and scored 59 points in one of the most lopsided victories of the season. Now they host the Broncos and might get their chance to do what 31 teams have wanted to do all season. Hit the over-hyped rookie that nobody would stop talking about.

It's bad enough defenses were tired of hearing about Tebow all season, but the Raiders hate the Broncos so there will be some hitting early and often.

The Raiders are still alive in the playoff race and have an opportunity to finish .500 or better for the first time since 2002.

This game will let everyone know what direction both franchises are headed.

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