Raiders’ Tom Cable and Hue Jackson: Could One or the Other Leave Oakland?

Well, the Raiders have finished 8-8 and for many fans of the Raider Nation, it was bittersweet.

Winning over Kansas City on the road to reach their final win, you had to wonder what the sidelines held for the Oakland Raiders.

Before the fourth quarter even started, ESPN, citing "league sources", said it was unlikely that Tom Cable would return, starting a wave of speculation. Maybe this source was Nancy Gay of Fanhouse, a well-known hater of the Raiders...whoever it was, NFL Network sent their own hater, Michael Lombardi, to issue his own statement, trying to say that at 17-27, the Raiders were not happy.

Really? Is Michael Lombardi and Nancy Gay inside the Oakland organization? in many cases before, these spinners of myth like to pretend, they know what Al Davis will do or will not do. After all, how many weeks in a row did they tell us last year that Tom Cable was out as coach for the Raiders, only to see him time and time again go back to work in Alameda?

Right now, the only problem Oakland has is what to do with two-head coaches.

While Tom Cable has helped the Raiders get rid of the "loser" attitude over the last few years, this season's turnaround in offensive ability and winning rested on the shoulders of Hue Jackson. While Tom tried to act as the sage of calm, with an occasional outburst, Hue's method of stirring the fight within the players has turned heads. Darren McFadden, for one prospered at this change, and the arrival of Jacoby Ford and the eventual development of Jason Campbell more than doubled the offensive output from last year.

What the problem becomes is how Oakland will address this problem.

For some, you have to keep Tom Cable. The players respond to his instruction, he's a likable guy and hey, he just led the team back to .500. He seems to know how to talk to Al Davis and managed to lock Al in his hotel room long enough for the Raiders to draft p...

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