Raiders Shopping Everyone

ESPN’s Adam Schefter (who is pretty much never wrong) reports that the Oakland Raiders are supposedly putting their entire team on the block. It’s not known if Al Davis has made himself available via trade as well.

“Raiders been shopping much of their roster, including CB Nnamdi Asomugha. But his contract makes him untradeable. More details at,” he tweets.

This isn’t completely shocking. Asomugha is considered “untradeable” because his contract guarantees him either the franchise number for cornerbacks, or $16.875, whichever number is greater. Asomugha is a stud, but that’s a lot of dough.

We’re trying to think who we might want off the Raiders roster. Kirk Morrison comes to mind and maybe Tyvon Branch. Considering Richard Seymour’s contract situation, you’d have to think that anyone that would trade for him would have to be able to sign him long-term. Often the butt of “bust” jokes, Robert Gallery has actually turned into a nice guard. You don’t draft guards No. 2 overall, but it’s better than him being completely worthless.

How about Shane Lechler or Sebastian Janikowski? Nay on the latter since they just paid him an ass ton of money. JaMarcus Russell anyone? If you have a seventh-round pick and an old pair of bowling shoes, you could probably have him.

We’ll see what happens, maybe the Raiders will be big movers and shakers on draft day.

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