Raiders Shocked By Chargers, But Ultimately Drain Bolts’ Power

Over the past few years the Raiders' slogan of "Just Win, Baby" has been mocked and ridiculed but not actually used much.  There hasn’t been a game in recent memory that epitomizes the phrase more than the one that took place at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday, Oct. 10th against the San Diego Chargers.  Call it ugly, lucky or whatever else you want to call it—a win is a win. 

Leading up to the game there were many heated debates about the head coach, the quarterbacks, the defense, the scheme and other things, many Raiders fans were verbally attacking and insulting one another about each person’s take on the state of the team.  Everyone had an opinion. 

The only thing the media wanted to talk about leading up to the game was how the Chargers owned the Raiders.  When you win 12 in row against a division rival the word "own" doesn’t really do it justice. 

The defense played well early on.  They forced back-to-back three-and-outs which led to a safety, field goal and a touchdown.   It looked like Norvell Turner mouthed the words “you're fired” to Steve Crosby, the special teams coach, after back-to-back blocked punts by the Oakland special teams.  After getting torched by Seattle there was definitely a sense of "here we go again" on the San Diego sideline.

After the first two possessions, all Philip Rivers did was light up the Raiders like a pinball machine.  It seemed as though the Air Coryell offense was back in full effect.  Then their defense got rolling and knocked Bruce “The Spark” Gradkowski out with an injured shoulder.  The feeling was grim, really grim in Raider land.  It was like riding a really bumpy but familiar roller coaster. 

Something on the Raiders kept the faithful hopeful.  Janikowski did his part, making both field goals he was asked to make.  Everyone in t...

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