Raiders Seek 10 Million from Russell, but Won’t See a Dime

The Oakland Raiders are now seeking $9.55 million that JaMarcus Russell received in guaranteed money over his career. While already obtaining $36 million, he is still owed three million after being cut, the Raiders believe that, due to his poor play, he owes some of that 39 million dollars he made in three years of inadequacy.

"We have filed a grievance against JaMarcus Russell and that's all we're going to say about it at this time," said Raiders general counsel, Jeff Birren, in a statement reported by ESPN.

In three years, Russell won a total of seven games in 25 starts, while completing 52.1 percent of his passes, and throwing 18 touchdowns with 23 interceptions. He also had a passer rating 65.2 and 15 lost fumbles.

It's hard to find something productive Russell did in his three years. I guess he had that game winning touchdown last year against somebody, but who cares.

However, as good as Al Davis is in court, JaMarcus Russell and his agent, Eric Metz, have Davis on the ropes on this deal. Back in 2007, when Russell was holding out until after the first game of his rookie season (through training camp and everything), Metz was telling the Raider staff Russell wouldn't sign a contract without a "skill" guarantee put on the guaranteed money.

A "skill" guarantee insures that despite injury or poor play, the player who signs the contact receives the guaranteed money no matter what. It was the first time a first overall pick has demanded such a thing and Davis even called Metz not "fit for the pros."

Three years later, Russell is cut and has $39 million that he'll get to keep. Davis can try to get his money (which he deserves), but maybe he should just let this one go.


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