Raiders Reload Musket: Al Davis Continues to Make His Team Irrelevant

Al Davis is staring down the barrel of another offseason that begins with the organization at square one.

The previous five offseasons that have come since the firing of Bill Callahan have amounted to nothing of significance.

The Oakland Raiders have managed to make no improvement over seven years of attempted reloading. I say reload because Davis does not rebuild. He does not have the patience for it.

It should be painfully obvious to him now that the fans have no patience for the continually bad product that he puts onto the field each year. Attendance is down, support is down, and confidence is nonexistent.

A Raider Nation that had previously returned each year with enough of an appetite to gut the buffet of sub-mediocrity that Davis cooked up has reached its fill this year. Raiders home attendance dropped from an average of 57,850 down to 44,284 disappointed fans per game. The fans have spoken, and they hope that Davis had his hearing aid turned up.

Only a few days into the new offseason, and things are already looking bleak. It would have been a refreshing change to see the kind of swift action that took place in Washington D.C.

One day after season's end, the administrative powers that steer the Redskins had dumped the kindly Jim Zorn. Day two saw the addition of Mike Shanahan, and bright and early on day three, he was marched in front of the media to be introduced as the new head coach.

This is not the first stroke of football genius to occur in the capital. In mid-December, Dan Snyder realized his limitations and brought on Bruce Allen as general manager.

Snyder, like Davis, has been a maverick insistent on running his team with his own hands. However, the consistently bad performance of his team forced him to swallow some of his pride and bring in some help.

Al Davis must follow suit and learn to adapt. He must realize that his usual approach does no...

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