Raiders Release Dead Weight JaMarcus Russell, So Who’s Next?

The Raiders have officially given up on JaMarcus Russell. Cutting what many fans would consider dead weight while saving the team $6.45 million. It would seem that Al Davis is finally taking advice from his critics: Lane Kiffin for example said he couldn't win with JaMarcus. Last year, though he didn't drop any names, Greg Ellis blamed some of the Raiders performances on players going out the night before games. And Jeff Garcia claimed he felt the Raiders had too many players "just collecting paychecks". Sure JaMarcus may have been one of the players going out the night before games and "just collecting paychecks", but was he the only one?... Definitely not... The Raiders are yet to completely purge the team of dead weight. Here's a look at some of the other players who are likely next to visit JaMarcus Russell on the unemployment line.Begin Slideshow


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