Raiders Overall Win-Loss Average Exceeds 75 Percent of the NFL Teams

There's a bright side somewhere. Some of the big time bloggers and media personalities want the Raider Nation to think that the Oakland Raiders have such a long way to go to demonstrate their ability to win. The path to excellence, again, is not impossible or improbable.

I am certain that Tom Cable and Al Davis know these facts. It is worthwhile to post these ideas on B/R.

If the ability of an NFL team is judged by the win-loss average over the history of the franchise, we notice that the Oakland Raiders have an average that exceeds 75 percent of the other NFL teams.

Further, there are three selected teams with a small difference when you compare the win-loss average over the history of the franchises. They are:

San Francisco 49ers exceeds Oakland by .001

Green Bay Packers exceeds Oakland by .008

Cleveland Browns exceeds Oakland by .003

As  researched and solely based on the selected data, it is clear that if the selected measure is used to compare the Oakland Raiders with the other teams, then Oakland has commendable performance.

Nevertheless, the Oakland Raiders have a commitment to excellence so the goal is to dominate, once more, using many parameters or measures. The focus is on winning the AFC championship and winning more Super Bowls.

Go Raiders! You have done a good job, we just expect excellence!

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