Raiders Mock Draft: Through the Eyes of Al Davis

Oakland Raiders fans have had the misfortune of sitting through some gut wrenching drafts the last few years. While fans and analysts all believe they know what the Raiders SHOULD DO we never truly know what Al Davis WILL DO. Nearly everyone can agree that Al Davis has always had a need for speed. His rationale is that you can teach someone how to play football, but you can't teach speed. So, the guys with fastest 40 times always seem to become the "sure" pick for his Raiders. As this year's draft started creeping up, the vast majority of people felt that the Raiders were destined to select Bruce Campbell from Maryland. He is a beautiful specimen with all the attributes that Al covets. Now as we near the draft, a few other names have come up in conversation. But that is simply because as we grow nearer, everyone realizes they really don't have a clue what Al will do! I have attempted to see this years draft through the eyes of Al Davis and not the analysts or fans. By throwing out common sense, practicality, team needs, and gut feeling I have amassed what I believe is the truest Raiders Mock draft to date. But only time will tell.Begin Slideshow


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