Raiders’ Left Tackle Jared Veldheer Has Become a Shredded Monstrosity of a Man

Waiter! There’s nary an ounce of fat on this Porterhouse steak of a man!

Everyone don’t yell “Shopped!” at once. On the contrary, this picture of the hulking behemoth that is Oakland Raiders left tackle Jared Veldheer appears to be the real deal.

The stupefying image was tweeted out by Mark Ehnis, Veldheer’s strength coach, who is apparently a muscle whisperer by the looks of at least a few of his pupils.

In case you were wondering, Veldheer’s physical statistics confirm that the man is as monstrously huge as he looks: 6’8”, 321 pounds. 

Being that tall, of course the man is going to look big already. But the jaw-dropper in this scenario is just how cut up the guy looks for a man his size. 

Typically, linemen in the NFL sport a hefty paunch and arms that don’t exactly embody the term “well-defined.” That doesn’t mean they’re not capable of ripping you into quesadilla meat, but they also don’t have the kind of body you’d see on the cover of a firemen calendar.

Allegedly, part of the reason the 25-year-old lineman is putting in so much work during the offseason is the Raiders’ decision to switch from zone blocking to a power-blocking scheme on offense, which will require—you guessed it—more power.

The plan looks to be succeeding, and we can only expect we’ll see more freaks of nature coming out of Ehnis’ muscle factory after guys in the league see Veldheer’s results. 

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