Raiders Jettison Dead Weight, Shift into Overdrive in Offseason

When the word broke yesterday on the JaMarcus Russell release, I had a time cleaning up the mess.


Oakland decided on Thursday, May sixth, 2010, to end the misery that the fans and teammates alike had suffered through, in growing amounts. With the removal of Russell, it completes a very healthy offseason for Oakland.

We brought in Hue Jackson, picked a draft well, traded a few times, and kicked out the team's second-largest distraction (Al Davis, has to have his fun).

As it was, the Raiders decided to do some eyeballing, to make sure Russell had no redeeming factor. During the practice last weekend, his first day was good, the next two though, he started looking normal.

And normal for Russell, isn't good for anyone.

For the Raiders, it gives the team a great change from the previous three years, the pickup of Jason Campbell gives the team a Quarterback who is not afraid to play or be a leader.

Oakland's draft, first loading up to stop the run, also advanced thanks to the departure of Kirk Morrison. Granted Morrison had a lot of tackles.

But making tackles five yards deep, and not at the line of scrimmage, isn't helping the team, it is slowly bleeding to death.

On our offense, we quickly filled in the hole in our roster, with a free agent pickup, Michael Bennett.

Add in the steady maturing of the Raiders, with a better Quarterback, the removal of Cornell Green, and a better attitude in the locker room, things are looking upbeat for the Raiders.

If the AFC West hears something, it's probably the Raiders, we have just shifted gears.

And the brakes are off.

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