Raiders Get The Steal Of The Century with Jason Campbell

Im a die hard Charger fan, and over the last 5 years I've viewed the Broncos as the team to beat. After this years draft, I have changed my mind. Wow, thats the best draft I think Ive ever seen the Raiders go through, and my hats off to you.

The Broncos continue to move progressively backwards because of McDaniels. I think betting the farm on Tim Tebow was the most foolish move made in the draft fhis year by far.

The Raiders were sitting pretty, Rolando McClain and all of your draft moves made perfect sense. But when the Raiders acquired Jason Campbell for (a fifth round pick) next year, I had to adjust my eyes. Wow what a steal. Man , the Raiders war room must have changed hands this off season. Completely amazing.

I look for Jamarcus Russel to receive his walking papers prior to training camp. With him gone, a legitimate Quarterback in , and 9 million more dollars of salary space to play with, look out!

Anyway, This year the Raiders have taken a huge step forward, and I feel they may have another trick or two up their sleeve in this free agency. To be honest Im really excited to see it. Im friends with many Raiders fans, and if they do make it to the playoffs, I will fully support them as an AFC West represenative.

I never felt that way about the Broncos. Their success makes me cringe. I live in the heart of Bronco country and get flipped off quite frequently in traffic because of my cars Charger Logo.

So in this case I wish the Raiders best of luck in surpassing them as the team to beat. At the end of the season I hope the Raiders and Chargers combine to make them feel as insignificant as the Chiefs.

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