Raiders Fall To Texans as Disappointment Fills the Hearts Of Raider Faithful

In last week’s article, I found the good in a heartbreaking last-second loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

This week there is little to be happy about, unless, of course you are a New England Patriots fan. The lackluster Raiders seemed bound and determined to make sure New England's first round draft pick acquired as compensation for Richard Seymour is a signature Oakland top five choice in the 2011 draft.

The Raiders defense found themselves out of position the entire afternoon and continued to stake their claim as the league's perennial laughing stock. As a Raiders fan, it was heartbreaking to watch.

Quentin Groves has no business being on the football field, especially starting over Thomas Howard. For most of the day, Groves could be seen on the ground grasping for air as any one of Houston's trio of running backs rumbled by on their way to first down after first down.

Michael Huff is an embarrassment to the fine tradition of men that have donned the silver and black and lined up at safety in the once feared Raider defensive backfield. He gives up on plays and constantly fails to wrap-up players as he makes subtle, almost never imposing contact. He clearly needs to be added to the growing list of first-round whiffs by the Raiders.

With the exception of Seymour, our defensive line's presence is almost non-existent.

Houston's Matt Schaubb was not sacked once in this afternoons contest. Raider Rookie Lamar Houston, who had a tremendous preseason, has also shown that he has absolutely no business playing defensive end.

In a league built on speed and the ability to put pressure on the quarterback, Houston has clearly displayed that his skill sets are best suited to play as an interior defensive lineman.

John Marshall's defense was more aggressive today, dialing up more blitzes than typical for the unit but it left the safeties in pass coverage and they were exposed t...

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