Raiders Draft Day Options: First Round Picks That Make Sense…Well, Sort Of

The lack of information flowing from the Oakland Raiders front office this off-season has spurred a lot of debate within Raider Nation. Some fans think Al Davis is back to his old, wiley self; others think that he has just lost his mind. Whatever the case, it leaves the Silver & Black faithful answerless and wondering.

What happens when there is a lack of information?


Speculation is all Raider fans have to hold on to this off-season. I've heard every option from trading standout cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha for draft picks to drafting Jimmy Claussen to switching to a 3-4 defensive scheme. None of these seem all that likely to me, but none would surprise me either.

In this article I'll lay out several options that would make sense under varying circumstances. I'll be taking into account the free agent additions and the cutting of veterans to try to predict what Al Davis' intentions might be.

This article is intended only to give you food for thought.

Stay with me here.

Option One

This option operates under a few assumptions. The first is that Al Davis is happy with the quarterbacks the Raiders have, and is not looking replace Russell or Gradkowski.

It also assumes that Davis isn't looking for the big draft day splash and seeks only to improve the team by drafting positions of need and that he thinks the biggest need is  offensive tackle.

I happen to agree with that assumption.

If these assumptions are correct and Russell Okung and Brian Bulaga are already off the board, the best player to draft with the eighth pick in the draft would be offensive tackle Trent Williams from Oklahoma.

Williams is leaps and bounds ahead of Bruce Campbell (the player most speculated to go to the Raiders) in both experience and technique. In fact, he is leaps and bounds ahead of every tackle in the draft except Okung or Bula...

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