Raiders-49ers: The 2010 Battle of the Bay!

Things are beginning to heat up between 49er and Raider Nations. The teams that share a world-famous bridge are going head-to-head for the right to call themselves "Bosses of the Bay." Both teams appear to be returning to their former glory with good offseasons and positive changes, but who will come out on top when the 2010 regular season comes to an end? To find out, we have to remember that football comes down to matchups. This squad vs. that squad; this player against that player. The team with the most depth usually wins in the end. In this slideshow, I will not be comparing these two teams for their one game against each other, but comparing each roster in an attempt to determine which has the most depth, thus the best chance to win more games in the 2010 season. Let's take a look...Begin Slideshow


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