Raider Nation’s New Secretary of Defense

Raider Nation has a new Secretary of Defense. He is Butkus Award winning middle linebacker Rolando McClain.

The Raiders are coming off of a year where the defense ranked 29th against the run. The new Secretary Of Defense was appointed to fix that problem in Raider Nation.

Does Raider Nation really have their man?

That is the million dollar question.

Raider Nation has their man if he is physical, smart, and instinctive. Speed helps but he must have the aforementioned traits along with the ability to shed blocks.

Is he physical?

Former Alabama teammates  speak loud and clear about McClain's physicality. Cornerback Javier Arenas said this about what it was like to be hit by McClain.

"You black out for a second and try to figure out what truck hit you. You see him walking away. Ok, it's him."

And that's when he's helping you make a tackle!

McClain also sheds blocks well. He uses his physicality to do so. Here is what former teammate and fullback Preston Dial had to say about his practice battles with him.

"Not only are his legs real strong but he's so physical with his hands shedding blocks. He never stays blocked. He's so violent that when he meets you in the hole, all you can hope for is a stalemate."

Dial also said of McClain, "Instead of the running back picking his hole, Ro makes the decision for the running back which way he is going to go."

That's a teammate talking! What happens in a game situation against a man he doesn't know or hates?

This is college we're talking about. But the men among boys in college usually succeed in the NFL. Bill Parcells once said, "If they don't bite when there puppies, they usually never will."

McClain bites!

Do you wanna know about his instin...

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